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There are specific differences between the console gaming chair and PC gaming chair. For desktop gaming, you will need a higher position than console gaming. So the rocker style and pedestal gaming chair are specifically designed for PlayStation, Xbox gaming.

The PC gaming requires higher sitting position to be equivalent to the desk height. If you use a console gaming chair for a PC, nothing can be more terrible, you will not even see the monitor. Even for console gaming, make sure that the screen height is balanced. He difference between your neck height and the screen height will cause neck strain. But do not get confused, if the screen is less than three feet off the ground, then a rocker style chair will be a good choice.

But if it is more than three feet, you should consider a pedestal gaming chair. Do not set the screen too high or too low, the balance is very important. If there is no balance then it will cause chronic physical problem regardless how ergonomic the gaming chair is. We went through a lot of different gaming chairs and found the best models of PS4 gaming chairs.

How We’ve Come up with the List of Best PS4 Gaming Chairs

We have gone through a lot of gaming chairs. The number of gaming chair available in the market is overwhelming and easily that can confuse the buyer. But fortunately, very few manufacturers are producing gaming chairs they are really good from all sides.

The quality is amazing and the price is affordable, the gaming chairs that we listed here have these two features. No single gaming chair is actually the best. You should consider the style of your gaming and also the budget you are ready to spend for the gaming chair. Make sure that you are not going to waste your money. If you need an extra feature, you can raise your budget and then buy that one. Ergonomic design is one very important feature for a gaming chair. Gaming is such an activity that mainly takes place sitting. But the human body is not made to sit for a long time.

If you do so, you will have aches and pains, in future, they will cause chronic physical illness. So physical comfort is very important. Make sure that the gaming chair can hold your body properly so that you can enjoy gaming without any physical discomfort for a long period of time. Do not buy something that you need to replace soon after buying. Check and recheck the features of the gaming chairs to make sure that every penny is worth spending for that one. Let’s have a look.

1. X Rocker 5127401 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

If you look for an all-rounder of all PS4 gaming chairs, X rocker 5127401 pedestal video gaming chair is an ideal choice for you. X rocker is well known for its latest technology gaming chairs. Like all other models this one is a very smart choice for the buyers.

X Rocker 5127401

  • Pedestal gaming chair
  • Compatible with Xbox, PlayStation
  • Two built-in speakers with subwoofer
  • Wireless audio transmission and headphone jack
  • Side control panel with volume control, bass control and input/output jacks
  • Ergonomic design with full back support

This comes with wireless audio transmission and two built-in speakers with subwoofer for a more engaging sound experience while playing video games. The control panel is very simply designed with separate volume and bass control. There are also input and output jacks. While gaming for a long period of time, to avoid physical strain ergonomic design is very important.

This PS4 gaming chair comes with arm-rest that places your arms in correct positions so that you never get tired. The construction is sturdy and you can fold the chair in half when needed. This is a great feature for portability. Many PS4 gaming chairs do not have this option to fold. The upholstery vinyl cover is soft and very comfortable and very importantly it is easy to clean. Of all PS4 gaming chairs, this one is a very popular option and probably the best gaming chair. The price is not very high for the features it has.

1. X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair

Unlike the previous pedestal gaming chair, this one is without any pedestal and sits on the floor. Two forward facing speakers make you not just listen to the sound but feel it. This versatile gaming chair is known for its interactive audio feature.X Rocker 5143601

  • Rocker style gaming chair
  • Equipped with two forward facing speakers
  • Wireless audio transmitter and headphone jack
  • Amazing interactive audio experience with X rocker interactive audio
  • Side control panel with volume control, bass control and input/output jacks
  • Ergonomic design with full back support

The look is a “wow factor”. The ergonomic design assures that you can play video game effortlessly for hours. The two arms of this gaming chair are dedicated for your hands to rest. The head-rest is soft and very comfortable. This gaming chair has a side control panel with volume control and bass control.

It has input and output jacks. This model has pretty much similarity with the first gaming chair we just discussed. The only significant difference if that the previous one has a pedestal and sits a bit higher off the floor. But this one has no pedestal. The comfort you will get from this gaming chair makes it one of the best PS4 gaming chairs out in the market. You can blindfolded choose this model if you want a rocker style gaming chair.

This rocker style gaming chair is another creation by X rocker. Being equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer with SFM technology, the x rocker fox wireless 2.1 sound video gaming chair creates an amazing sound experience around you that you will feel the excitement of gaming.

Rocker style

  • Rocker style gaming chair
  • Equipped with a subwoofer with AFM technology and twp speakers for a 2.1 sound immersion experience
  • Built-in radio wireless receiver and wireless transmitter that works with any source with RCA outputs
  • Ergonomic design supports your whole body
  • Separate control for volume and base in the control panels
  • Besides gaming, you can use this for watching movies, listening music, reading a book or just relaxing.

The speakers are smartly hidden. The speaker can control and enhance the sound in a way that you get an amazing sound counter. The AFM technology helps the sound to be amplified so that you can actually feel the audio through your body. The sound experience of this gaming chair is great. To assure the maximum comfort this bike has been designed ergonomically. The gunstock arms are intended to give an excellent look. It keeps the arm in the correct position.

This comfort makes this chair unlike many other PS4 gaming chairs in the market. This chair can be used for watching movies, reading books or even relaxing.  This chair can receive sound from any source that has RCA output. The design comes with a built-in wireless receiver and also an optional wireless transmitter.

3. X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming Chair

X rocker commander 2.1 audio gaming chair is of the pedestal PS4 gaming chairs. The incredible gaming experience, amazing sound immersion and great comfort make this gaming chair one of the best PS4 gaming chairs. This high quality chair is made of great material that does not rust so it needs minimum maintenance. The two speakers are strategically positioned for an awesome sound counter.

X Rocker 5142201 

  • Pedestal gaming chair
  • Equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer with 21. AFM technology
  • Play music from any source with headset or RCA outputs
  • Ergonomically designed and elevated seating position with arms
  • Pedestal with tilt and swivel capacities
  • Durable and attractive polyester seating surface keeps cool during hours of use
  • Besides gaming, you can use this chair for watching movies, listening music, reading a book or even relaxing.

The ergonomic design and elevated seating positions make sure that the gamer gets his best experience on the chair. Even if you sit for a long time you will not feel any physical discomfort. The pedestal has an added advantage of a swivel and tilt capacities.

The chair can play music from variety of sources that have RCA output. One very important feature is the polyester seating surface of this gaming chair keeps it cool even during long use. The control panel has separate bass control and volume control. With the available input and output jacks you can connect your audio source with the chair; also you can connect with other X rockers for an ultimate gaming experience.

This one is not the only option, but you can choose it for an engaging gaming experience.

4. X-Rocker 5129101 Pedestal Video Gaming Chair 2.1 Microfiber Mesh

This X rocker pedestal video gaming chair 2.1 microfiber mesh is one of the few amazing PS4 gaming chairs that will offer you distinguished and impressive video gaming experience. With a pedestal, this gaming chair sits a bit higher off the ground. Pedestal has an advantage of swivel and tilt capacities.

X-Rocker 5129101

  • Pedestal gaming chair
  • Connects with multiple chairs for ultimate gaming experience
  • Four speakers and a subwoofer use 2.1 AFM technology
  • Built-in radio receiver that works with any source of RCA stereo outputs
  • Optional RCA cables included
  • Ergonomically designed to hold the body and arms
  • Pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities
  • Besides gaming, you can use this chair for watching movies, listening music, reading books or even for relaxing.

The ergonomic design allows you to enjoy video game without any physical strain. The arms of the chair place your arms correctly so that you never get tired of it. The chair comes with a built-in radio receiver. An optional RCA cable I included. The control panel has separate volume control and bass control. This gaming chair can be connected with other PS4 gaming chairs for an amazing gaming experience with your partners.

This gaming chair is known for its comfort. We reviewed what users comment about the PS4 gaming chairs. Unlike most other PS4 gaming chairs in the market, this one built for ultimate comfort. You can use this gaming chair for watching movies, listening to music, reading books and also for relaxing.


We are intended to provide you the easiest solution when you get confused while buying p4 gaming chairs. Take this as a guide only. Always look for the latest technology that the gaming chairs are offering you. Do not just grab a one. Research it what you actually need, and then make a checklist. Before making the final decision, you do make a check list of your requirement.

If you need comfort, make sure that the PS4 gaming chair that you are buying are constructed in such a way that will offer you the ultimate comfort you are looking for. If the audio quality is concerned, double the features. There should be very good quality speakers and the subwoofers. The gaming chair should come with features so that that can be connected with other sources without much effort. The bike should have RCA cable to be connected with other gaming chairs for an ultimate gaming experience with the gaming partners.

The speakers should be positioned strategically so that you experience an amazing audio encounter. If space is a concern then you should go for models that are not bulky and need less space. The PS4 gaming chairs those are lightweight and easy to handle are always popular in the market. All those great features make a gaming chair different from the other available in the market. Before grabbing one research and then make the decision, you will not regret.

Happy shopping!

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