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Coleman Hatchet Review | Best Hatchet Reviews

Coleman hatchet was one of the first items that actually told the world that hatchet is something smart and it needs to be taken seriously. Previously, the market was not there. There were no actual brands that used to sell hatchet. After the Coleman hatchet was introduced into the market, the scenario started to change. The Coleman hatchet is one of those basic hatchets that you need in your home without thinking too much about the after works. Today, we will review Coleman hatchet. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Features of Coleman Hatchet
  • If you are a camper then you will love the features of coleman hatchet. The hatchet is especially developed keeping the campers’ needs into mind.
  • As you can see from the image, the hatchet is obviously not that big and the reason behind that is simple.
  • They wanted this to be a camping friendly hatchet.
  • The carbon steel makes this hatchet very reliable and dependable.
  • The nonslip grip will make sure that you do not slip the hatchet from your hand.
  • The carbon steel body actually is very useful. Yes, it looks slick but that is not the main motto of having a carbon based body.
  • The Coleman hatchet will hardly face dust issues because of the carbon. The carbon makes it long lasting and useful

Well, the features that we talked about till now are all pros of this hatchet. Let’s list a few other pros of this product here:

  • Lots of happy customers
  • Great customer service
  • Long lasting
  • Very Lightweight
  • Great for especially hikers and campers
  • Well, you cannot cut big logs with this one. This is only for those small and medium sized logs.
  • The rubbers of the handle will get off if you use it too much. It will hamper the look of your hatchet.

Final Words

This is definitely a YES! The product is good and you will hardly get anything this good at that price range. If you are a hiker, traveler or camper, this is a must buy item for you.

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Coleman Hatchet Review | Best Hatchet Reviews